Life Insurance

A tax free lump sum benefit payable to your beneficiary upon death. Life insurance is not for you, but for your loved ones, to help pay for your final expenses, debts and replace your income for a period of time.

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Critical Illness

A tax free lump sum benefit payable to you upon diagnosis of a critical condition after a waiting period. Critical illness is meant to help you and your loved ones manage during a stressful time. Your benefit can be used to pay for additional treatment, or additional expenses not covered by our health care system; transportation, hospital parking, support person, housekeeping help, family help (babysitter), drugs that not covered, quick private appointments, and treatments outside Canada. It allows you to focus on your recovery.

Disability Insurance

If you had a goose that lays golden eggs would you have insurance on the goose in case it could no longer lay golden eggs? Well, you are that goose!

Most everything you pay for in your daily life is because of your income. If your income is gone so is your ability to maintain your financial obligations.

Health & Dental Benefits

If you do not have group benefits through your employer you may want to consider the implications of medical and dental expenses for you and your family. There are numerous options available to you based on you and your family’s needs.

If you are leaving a group benefit plan you will want to look at options for an individual plan that covers your pre-existing conditions.

If you are a business owner you may want a review of your group benefits, or to put a benefit plan in place. We are able to provide options that suit your business and your employees. If you are incorporated you may also want to consider a Health Spending Account.

Insurance Page Elanda Kowalchuck Financial

Travel Insurance

Whether it is for a week vacation to another province or a trip out of the country, we offer emergency medical insurance, trip cancellation and interruption, and ….. for you and your travelling companions. Check your group benefits before you leave as you may just require some top up coverage.